Creating and sharing Assessments

Creating and sharing Assessments

After creating a job position, we need to prepare assessments according to the job roles. You can add an assessment name and set a time limit for the test. By adding a job description, you will get an assessment overview. We should include general instructions for the assessment test, like how to start the test, the rules to adhere to, and how to submit the test. Candidates need to fill in mandatory information like name, email, experience, resume, etc. Security options are also available. A unique feature of ninjainterview is assessment management.

You should add the name of the test category and related questions. You have different options like short text, long text, video recording, and more when adding questions. When creating a question, you have an option like keeping mandatory fields, assigning marks for the questions, and showing how candidates make many attempts. You have an option to shuffle the questions randomly.

You have access to change the test level domain to a custom domain and also set a shortcut URL according to the assessment name. You can share the assessment link with the candidate through email.

After receiving the mail to the candidate, they will fill out all the mandatory information and then start the assessment.