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NinjaInterview, by 500 Apps, is the perfect answer for anyone searching for a means to accelerate and simplify the process of conducting job interviews. NinjaInterview's intuitive graphical user interface and robust feature set make it a breeze to locate and select the most qualified job applicants for open positions. Optimize your interview process and save time for your organization by using an Interview assessment tool.

NinjaInterview comes with an Infinity Suite of 50 apps for growing businesses.

This article provides an overview of how the NinjaInterview app works and what you need to know to get started with NinjaInterview.

Get Started With NinjaInterview

Go to > Select HR from the top bar > Select NinjaInterview

How to Add Position?

Click on + Add Position in the dashboard of NinjaInterview.

Add Position

Enter the name of the position followed by adding the members required for the project and click on the Save button.

Add Positions

Below is the screenshot of the dashboard for the newly Created position.

New Position

How to Add Assessments?

Now start creating the assessments as per the position requirements. Select the position created and click on + or Add Assessment

Add Assessment

Add an assessment by filling in the required information as shown below. Enable copy paste based on your requirements.

Add Assessments


Pre defined tags are available to tag the candidate based on his performance.


Allocate the appropriate tag to the candidate after verifying the result.


Custom Tag

Click on Tags icon on the dashboard. as shown in the image below.

Custom Tag

Click on + Add Tag on the RHS side.

Add Tag

Provide the tag name in the popup on your screen and click on the Save button.

Sharing Assessments

On the RHS of the assessment, you will find a Share icon, click on that.

Sharing Assessment

Share the assessment with multiple people using the link generated for the assessment. Copy and paste the in your mail and share with required persons.

Sharing Assessments

Provide the email address of the candidate if you only need to share it with one or a limited number of candidates.

Limited Candidates

Custom Domain

On your RHS you can see an icon that looks like a Globe, click on that.

Custom Domain

You can use the default link generated by NinjaInterview or you can also customize it by shortening the url and click on Save button.

custom Domains

To further customize it using your domain, you have to add CName by clicking on Add CNAME.


Copy the code provided on the popup, enter your domain address, and, once the code is pasted, click on the Verify button.

Note: Take the help of your administrator if you are not familiar with the domain settings of your website.

Note: DNS changes may take some time to apply. If doesn't find the record immediately, wait a couple of minutes and then try to verify again.



Click on the Clone button on the dashboard, as shown in the image below.

Clone Button

On the popup, give the assessment a name and click on the Confirm button.


Deleting Assessments

On the dashboard on RHS you will find a Delete icon, click on that.

Deleting Assessment

Click on Confirm option and the assessment will be deleted.


How to Add Questions?

NinjaInterview has multiple question formats like Short text, Paragraph, Number, Boolean, Multiple choice, File Upload, Audio recording, Video recording, Code editor You can add question by clicking on Assessment created

Add Questions

Adding Category

Click on Add Category

Add Category

Name the category, fill in the description, and click the Save button.

Save Category

Adding Questions

Select the newly created category, and click on + Add Questions

Add Question

Question Type

Add the question type required from the Dropdown menu, and save the Question.

Question Tyre

How to Setup Auto Grading?

Click on Assessments

Click Assessments

Click on the Assessment Created

Created Assessments

Click on the Question category

Question Category

Select the Question for which Auto Evaluation has to be enabled and click on “Edit” Option.

Auto Evaluation

Activate Assign Marks by clicking the Toggle button.

Assign Marks

Provide Marks for the question, answer, enable Auto Evaluation, select the Answer Type and Answer Validation format.

Auto Answers

Now the assessment can be shared with the candidates. Click on the Share button on your RHS.

Grade Assessment

Once you have clicked on the Share icon, you will see a pop up on your RHS. You can either copy and paste the assessment link or even email it directly to candidates by providing an email address as shown below.


How to Add Results & Tags?

Once the candidates are done with their assessments, you can grade them in the results section.

Result Section

Click on the Assessment to view all the answers submitted by each candidate.

Click Assessment

Answers provided by the candidates will be as shown in the below image. You can review and provide a score for the answers and tag them with the appropriate tag.

Adding Result


Candidates who have completed the assessment will be visible under Candidate’s dashboard.

Candidate Dashboard


On the RHS you can find an option named Tags.


Click on the Tags option. You will find a default list of tags. Allocate them based on your requirement.

Tag Option

Customized Tags

Click on + Add Tag Add a tag name based on your requirement and Save it.

Customized Tag


On the RHS of the dashboard, you will find an icon named Filters as shown in the image below.


You can filter by Name, Email, Work Experience, Candidate Tags, Created Date (From), Created Date (To) and click on the Apply option.

Apply Filters


On your RHS you have the Refresh option, Click on it when required to refresh the data.


Customize Table

On the RHS of Dashboard, you will find an icon with the name Customize Table.

Customize Table

You will find two options, Work Experience and Candidate Tags Select based on your requirement.

Candidate Tags

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