Coding Interview

to analyze candidate's performance

Maximize the efficiency with which you can hire the best candidates by automating as much of the interview process as you can.

Coding Interview

Selecting the Best Candidates Through Coding Interview

Implementing an interview assessment tool to streamline the employment process.

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test category

Test Category

Enables you to build as many test categories and language assessment subjects as you'd like. Depending on the level of difficulty and knowledge required, subject examinations may be conducted at various times.

applicant performance

Applicant Performance

Secure online testing with immediate test results. The auto-evaluation feature is the best for evaluating candidates. It cuts down on the time and expense of recruitment.

tailored assessment

Tailored Assessment

Make sure the test is relevant to the position and the applicant's skills. NinjaInterview Virtual Hiring allows you to analyse the candidate's performance based on their answers to your pre-written interview questions.

What is Coding Interview?

Coding interview is a tool used by tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess a developer's programming proficiency. A developer is given an online evaluation that includes coding difficulties that he or she must complete in a real-world coding environment.

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