Coding Assessment

to evaluate coding skills

Ensure that you find the right candidate for the job, allowing recruiters to assess coding skills with real-time feedback, and automated evaluation.

Coding Assessment

Hire the Right Candidate Through Coding Assessments

Quickly identify qualified candidates and reduce the time spent in the hiring process.

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extensive technologies

Extensive Technologies

Evaluate candidates for various job roles such as Android developer, iOS developer, data scientist, and so on using a wide range of built-in programming languages.



Facilitates recruiters in automatically evaluating a large number of candidates at the same time.

multiple questionnaires

Multiple Questionnaires

Assess candidates effectively by giving recruiters a variety of question formats to choose from, such as MCQs and subjective questions. Different question formats aid in testing candidates' critical knowledge and analytical skills.

What is Coding Assessment?

Coding Assessment is a module in Video Interview Tool that helps employers to evaluate candidates' technical skills and abilities. It covers a wide range of topics from basic coding concepts and algorithms to more advanced programming techniques.

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