Hiring Platform

to streamline the recruitment process

Provides a centralized database of job postings and candidate profiles, making it easy to search and compare potential candidates. Also enables employers with tools to quickly review and evaluate applicants.

Hiring Platform

Speed up the Screening and Recruiting Process With the Hiring Platform

Allows companies to conveniently compare candidates, check the status of applications, and publish job vacancies on several job boards. enables companies to rapidly evaluate resumes and cover letters from candidates and make better hiring selections.

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one-way video interviews

One-way Video Interviews

Allow recruiters to review a candidate’s responses quickly and objectively, as well as get a better sense of the candidate’s communication and presentation skills.

resume parser

Resume Parser

Assists recruiters and human resources departments automate the process of gathering the necessary information from a job applicant’s resume.

auto grading

Auto Grading

Saves time and resources, reduce errors, and ensure consistency in the grading process also provide feedback to students on their performance.

What is Hiring Platform?

A hiring platform makes it easy for employers to post job openings, manage applications, and review candidates. It provides a centralized system for employers to post jobs, review resumes, and select the best candidate for a position. The hiring platform typically provides features such as job postings, applicant tracking, interviewing, onboarding, and performance management.

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