Individualized Assessments

to exclusively measure an applicant’s skillset

Conduct Individual Assessments with personalized test questions that would help you analyze an applicant’s skills and abilities in correspondence with job requirements.

Individualized Assessments

Easy Candidate Evaluation with Individual Assessments

Conduct interviews and analyze an applicant’s performance easily with proper insights

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customized questions

Customized Questions

Approach each applicant with modified questions based on your job requirements. Evaluate one or all participants' performance with detailed insights.

personalized tests

Personalized Tests

Create tests customized according to the applicant’s profile. Prepare a set of questionnaires in various formats based on testing their expertise exclusively.

time limit

Time Limit

Set a time limit for each question based on its type to organize the interview in a standard format.

video monitor

Video Monitor

Examine candidate’s behavior through the webcam to maintain integrity of the assessment and also view the screen-shots which are taken at regular intervals as additional reference.

What is Individual Assessments?

Individualized Assessments allows the interviewer to create custom questions and assessments tailored to each individual candidate. This enables for more meaningful and accurate assessments of each candidate that are based on their specific skills and qualifications. Learn more about Individual Assessments.

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