Online Interview

to optimize the hiring process

Allow you to quickly assess a candidate's suitability for the position. In these interviews, communication and personality traits are looked at. The interviews also contain evaluations and videos. 

Online Interview

Choose the Best Candidate by Using the Online Interview

Connect with potential candidates from around the world, and can be a great way for job seekers to showcase their skills and qualifications.

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Create an infinite number of assessments to use in the hiring process. Make many job recruiting tests containing job position descriptions, instructions, and application information. By email, invite candidates to the assessment.

multiple question forms

Multiple Question Forms

Organize the subjects to create study groups. Include essential information, such as test scores and assessment tasks. Evaluate the different question types in your assessments, such as uploading files, recording voice and video, and giving text questions.

one-way video interviews

One-way Video Interviews

Record themselves answering questions throughout the interview process. Prerecorded video interviews are an excellent option for recruiters to concentrate on the best applicants and streamline the interview process.

What is Online Interview?

Online interviews enable you to assess a candidate's suitability quickly. During these interviews, candidates' communication and personality abilities are evaluated. Online interviews are conducted using assessments, video, or voice chat. It is a better approach to interviewing.

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