Assessment Management

to manage and create multiple assessments

Create and manage as many customized assessments as possible, arranging them according to question type and job skill requirements. Conduct as many special assessments as you need to meet your needs.

Assessment Management

Organize Your Work With Assessment Management

Construct and manage various customizable assessments per job skill needs and evaluate them quickly.

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set time limits

Set Time Limits

Setting a target and time limit can help you organize your tasks. You can set time limits for each candidate to be evaluated, and the tool will inform you if that limit is exceeded.

assessment instructions

Assessment Instructions

Describe to the candidate how the assessment works.  The interview assessment tool enables you to construct assessments that match your job's qualifications.

candidate information

Candidate Information

Enables you and members of your recruitment team to gather and save information on interview candidates. Can maintain applicants' resumes inside and interview information for each candidate.

custom domain

Custom Domain

Specify a unique domain for your organization, and lead all interviewees to it. We'll help you put it up. With this capability, you can quickly establish a non-branded URL for tests.

What is Assessment Management?

Simplify your interview process by using the interview assessment tool, and you can quickly examine applicants. Assessments can be administered and managed by recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals indefinitely. Automate the process of allocating and evaluating potential hires.

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