Video Interviews

to speed up and simplify the hiring process

Provide employers with the advantage of being able to assess more applicants in a shorter amount of time, while also providing applicants with a convenient experience.

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Video Interviews

Leverage Technology for Effective Video Interviews

Allow employers and job seekers to speak with each other from wherever they are, eliminating the need to be in the same physical location and it helps to simplify the hiring process.

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video interviewing on demand

Video Interviewing on Demand

Access one-way interviews conducted via a virtual recruiting platform, and candidates are encouraged to take their time and re-record their answers if necessary.

mock exams

Mock Exams

Build a practise test for applicants with the same kind of inquiries that will appear on the evaluation assessment. They will be able to see what the evaluation would be like as a result, and they will feel more prepared.

automated interview screening

Automated Interview Screening

Cut down the interview time while increasing the effectiveness of the process by using automated screening interviews. You'll be able to select the top applications as a result.

What is Video Interviews?

Video interviews are a type of hiring process that involves two-way video communication between a job applicant and a potential employer. Video interviews can be conducted in a variety of formats, such as one-way (pre-recorded) or live interviews. In one-way interviews, applicants record their responses to pre-set questions that the employer has posed. During the video interview, the employer can assess the candidate’s communication skills, ability to think on their feet, and presence on camera.

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