Intuitive Dashboard

to visualize all the major information in one place

Simplified and shown on one screen, a dashboard makes it easy for people to quickly find the information they need to do one or more tasks.

Intuitive Dashboard

Make Better Hiring Decisions

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to organize and manage interviews, giving you more time to focus on making the right hiring decisions

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assessments overview

Assessments Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of all assessment activities. It provides data on assessment progress, results, user performance, and other metrics to help quickly identify areas that need improvement.

real-time data updation

Real-time Data Updation

Maintain an interview record and identify candidates ready to be hired with the assistance of the recruiting team. By prioritising applicant screening, hiring managers can conduct background checks, modify interview stages, and monitor candidate progress.



Apply filters to search by dates and assessment name to quickly identify the candidates who have taken the assessment or not.

What is Intuitive Dashboard?

An Intuitive Dashboard in an interview tool makes it easy for recruiters, hiring managers, and other users to access and manage the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. By streamlining the interview process and providing real-time data, an intuitive dashboard can help users save time and make better decisions. Learn more about What is an Interview Assessment Tool?

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