Automatic Grading

to get instant test scores

Allow employers to track candidates' progress and access their results all in one place that gives you instant results and helps to make the process more efficient.

Automatic Grading

Auto Evaluation Made Easy to Find the Instant Test Results

Authorize organizations to track applicants' progress and obtain results in one place, which speeds up the process.

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candidate test information

Candidate Test Information

Helps to provide candidates' test information to employers. It has several useful features for both the interviewer and the interviewee. With a scoring system, you can easily evaluate the candidate's answers. Quickly assesses the candidate's talents.

advanced filters

Advanced Filters

Enable sophisticated filters to find information in your interview results faster. It contains applicant names and emails, assessment names, tags, and a date filter to help discover eligible candidates.

real-time updates

Real-time Updates

Streamline your interview process by assessing the candidates. Informed selection decisions, lower turnover, and cost savings benefit real-time information and extensive reporting.

assessment answers

Assessment Answers

Using the interview assessment tool offers real-time feedback on how applicants perform in the interview process. This allows you to make immediate modifications and keeps the candidates on track.

candidate scoring

Candidate Scoring

Organizations can better assess applicants by using an interview structure and asking relevant questions. Use this information to help companies make choices. Use the analysis to evaluate your employees' performance.

What is Automatic Grading?

Using this interview results feature is most beneficial to quickly and easily create a skills assessment for your candidates. You get to select the skills you want to test, and we take care of the rest. You will get instant results, enabling you to make your candidate decision faster.

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