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  • Create unlimited assessments for any job profile

  • Grade assessments and shortlist candidates instantly

  • Screen applicants faster with pre-recorded video interviews

  • Streamline the interview process by effectively managing candidates

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Candidate Management

Enhance your screening and qualifying processes by consistently assessing applicants' skills and managing candidates for available job positions more efficiently.

candidate management
unlimited candidates

Unlimited Candidates

Add candidate details to the system and share their details with the hiring team. Take thorough notes and give candidates feedback after interviews with a simple click of a button.

categorize candidates by tags

Categorize Candidates by Tags

Observe the assessment's progression and evaluate the interview stage accordingly by adding tags on the ongoing pace of the interview assessment.

add candidate bio

Add Candidate Bio

Pre-insert all of the candidate's most important information into the database, you will never have to worry about running out of information.

advanced filters

Advanced Filters

Classify applicants according to their job experience to make it easier for the evaluation panels to evaluate them in accordance with their work portfolio.

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Online Aptitude Testing

Create online aptitude assessments that help you shortlist suitable candidates for selection and then easily track their performance to see if they meet or exceed expectations.

online aptitude testing
verbal reasoning test

Verbal Reasoning Test

Examine a candidate’s ability to analyze a piece of written information. Assess their ability to understand what they read and prepare a constructive conclusion.

logical reasoning test

Logical Reasoning Test

Test the ability of an applicant to analyze through logical reasoning from a given set of rules and structures. Evaluate a candidate’s working skills and ability to communicate through this test.

quantitative aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude

Measure a candidate’s ability to work with numbers with Quantitative Aptitude. See how well an individual can analyze and work constructively with the given data.

situational judgement

Situational Judgement

Evaluate a person's ability to make decisions and exercise sound judgment. Involve them in a real-time situation and ask them to explain their approach to dealing with it.

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Assessment Management

Assess the candidate intellectual strengths and weaknesses to generate qualified candidates

assessment management
set time limits

Set Time Limits

Establish a deadline to ensure that assessments are finished on time, and make sure that all test-takers are given the same amount of time to reduce the possibility of unfairness.

assessment instructions

Assessment Instructions

Enables to give proper instructions to the test-takers, describing the pattern of assessment, marks, and time allotted.

candidate information

Candidate Information

Allows the recruiting team to gather and save information about interview candidates.

custom domain

Custom Domain

Establish a distinct domain for your organisation, and instruct all interviewees to create a shortcut URL for assessments.

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Automatic Grading

Automate the evaluation procedure to speed up the hiring process. Let NinjaInterview grade the candidate assessment based on your regulations.

automatic grading
test results

Test Results

Get your results right away, along with a detailed assessment report that includes your score, number of questions attempted, and duration.

profile analysis

Profile Analysis

Keep track of the hiring process by analysing candidate profile reports in relation to job requirements and determining whether the candidate is a perfect fit for the job.

apply filters

Apply Filters

Save time by viewing only the profiles that meet your requirements by using filters that allow you to specify the job role criteria.

Find out more about Automatic Grading

Unlimited Questions

Allow to build professional and customizable unlimited questionnaires with multi options such as drop-down, multiple-choice, and yes or no.

unlimited questions
customized questions

Customized Questions

Analyze a candidate’s eligibility for a particular role by customizing the questions targeting a specific skill. See if the profile is the right fit based on their answers to personalized questions.

pre-documented questions

Pre-documented Questions

Choose from numerous questions from the NinjaInterview question library if you can’t create your customized questions. Pick the list of questions that match your job requirements and keep your hiring process on track.

objective response

Objective Response

Test a candidate’s skills with a variety of question types, including short- and long-answer questions, boolean questions, and so on, to better understand their reasoning abilities.

Find out more about Unlimited Questions

Customized Tests

Customize your questions to match your job descriptions, and save time when screening candidates by directly importing a candidate's resume into the assessment.

customized tests
time saver assessment

Time Saver Assessment

Screen as many profiles as possible at a fast pace with pre-defined assessment. Assign one test to many or create a personalized test based on the job requirements.

sort question order

Sort Question Order

Arrange the questionnaire to your preference to analyze a candidate's response time and make sure that no two candidates have the same test.

multi question format

Multi Question Format

Raise the standard of your tests by preparing a unique set of expert test questions. Prepare multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, long answers, or any other format that fits.

smart provision

Smart Provision

Arrange the test questions in the right order easily with the convenient drag feature. Analyze the reasoning skills of the candidates conveniently by examining their answering patterns.

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Individualized Assessments

Help you analyze and select the best candidates for the position. The tool presents a candidate with a variety of behavioral questions during an assessment.

individualized assessments
customized questions

Customized Questions

Approach each applicant with modified questions based on your job requirements. Evaluate one or all participants' performance with detailed insights.

personalized tests

Personalized Tests

Create tests customized according to the applicant’s profile. Prepare a set of questionnaires in various formats based on testing their expertise exclusively.

time limit

Time Limit

Assign a time limit to each question based on its type to organize the interview in a standardised format.

video monitor

Video Monitor

Evaluate the candidate's behaviour through the webcam to ensure the validity of the assessment, and also review the screen shots taken at regular intervals for additional reference.

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Department Management

Manage and organize assessments within the department, reducing manual effort while increasing hiring.

department management
multiple departments

Multiple Departments

Manage all assessments in one place by creating departments, assigning team members, and organizing them.

manage assessments

Manage Assessments

Ensures effective management of the entire assessment process across teams.

Find out more about Department Management

Intuitive Dashboard

Track the progress of applicants' abilities in real-time. Create a candidate profile that includes information about the individual's education, work history, and skill test results.

intuitive dashboard
assessments overview

Assessments Overview

Get a thorough overview of all assessment activities. It provides information on assessment progress, results, user performance, and other metrics to assist in quickly identifying areas for improvement.

real-time data updation

Real-time Data Updation

With the help of the recruitment team, track the interview process and identify candidates ready to be hired. Hiring managers can run background checks, change interview stages, and track candidate progress by prioritizing applicant screening.



Enables hiring managers to rapidly check the progress of assessments by applying filters.

Find out more about Intuitive Dashboard

Assessment Email

Send emails to multiple participants, provide feedback, and store results, allowing users to share assessment information.

assessment email
invitation links

Invitation Links

Invite participants to take the assessment by sending them a link or attachment through email.



After participants have completed the assessment, send them individualised feedback via email.

add notes

Add Notes

Enables adding notes to the existing email format to provide candidates with additional assessment instructions.

Find out more about Assessment Email


Analyze a prospective candidate’s skillset constructively with endless questions. Prepare a detailed questionnaire targeting position requirements and the applicant’s expertise.

multi question formats

Multi Question Formats

Utilize multiple question formats such as audio, video interviews, subjective and objective type questions to create an immersive test-taking experience.

test-taking experience

Test-Taking Experience

Provides a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface that engages test-takers and offers a seamless test-taking experience.

assessment security

Assessment Security

Include time limits, screen captures, and disabling the copy and paste function to prevent malpractice.

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Video Assessment

Use video recordings to judge or assess a person's work, abilities, or expertise. This can involve things like doing employment interviews, assessing job seekers' talents, or determining how well a candidate comprehends a certain topic.

video assessment
create assessment

Create Assessment

Create a personalised exam with a balanced combination of video, audio, written questions, and more using an improved UI and easier navigation.

share assessment

Share Assessment

Send a job description and a NinjaInterview assessment link in an email to the selected candidates, and have them click the link to take the test right away.

record video

Record Video

Use mock video test to practise for actual interview. Candidates can review and rerecord your responses before submitting them for evaluation.

Find out more about Video Assessment

Custom Tags

Allow interviewers to categorize and filter the results of their interviews, making it easy to quickly find and review the most pertinent information.

custom tags
add custom tag

Add Custom Tag

Create and manage tags for candidates, and assessments to quickly search, filter, and access the relevant candidates in your database.

simplified candidate search

Simplified Candidate Search

Use relevant tags to narrow down your candidate search and filter candidates easily.

Find out more about Custom Tags

Psychometric Assessment

Evaluate candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and aptitudes, to assist recruiters make better hiring decisions.

psychometric assessment
personality traits

Personality Traits

Get a comprehensive overview of a candidate's personality traits, helping employers to select the best candidates.

share assessment links

Share Assessment Links

Create custom questionnaires or use pre-built templates, then send the links to candidates via email or Whatsapp to start the assessment.

customize domain url

Customize Domain URL

Share a customized shortcut URL with candidates that uniquely reflect your business.

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Coding Assessment

Allow recruiters to quickly evaluate a candidate's technical skills, enabling a more streamlined and efficient hiring process.

coding assessment
extensive technologies

Extensive Technologies

Using a variety of built-in programming languages, assess candidates for various job roles such as Android developer, iOS developer, data scientist, and so on.



Assists recruiters in automatically evaluating large numbers of candidates at once.

multiple questionnaires

Multiple Questionnaires

Evaluate candidates effectively by providing recruiters with a variety of question formats to choose from, such as multiple choice questions (MCQs) and subjective questions.

Find out more about Coding Assessment

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