Best Interview Assessment Tool

Conduct a customized assessment to get a full picture of the candidate's skills and experience

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best interview assessment tool

Test Library

Create and store assessments tests of various formats and choose them to send to candidates applying for various job roles.

test library
create multiple tests

Create Multiple Tests

Create unlimited tests to conduct assessments of job applicants applying for a range of positions and store the results in a test library.

add assessments

Add Assessments

Make different job assessments by including all necessary fields such as the job position, the job description, instructions, candidate information, etc. and storing them in the test library.

share assessments with applicants

Share Assessments with Applicants

Send invitations to applicants' email addresses to attend the assessment. Incorporate information about the assessments into the invitation.

mock test

Mock Test

Prepare mock tests from the test library for applicants before they take the actual assessment test for practice purposes. Incorporate questions in various formats.

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Assessment Tests

Assess the candidate intellectual strengths and weaknesses by creating questions of various formats to hire them.

assessment tests
create assessments

Create Assessments

Build different tests from the assessment tests to be used for the job hiring process, which include all required fields, such as job position, job description, instructions, candidate information, etc.

add test category

Add Test Category

Create different categories of assessments, including aptitude tests, logical reasoning tests, or anything you want.

edit test category

Edit Test Category

Add a suitable category name and description, which explains what it is all about.

add questions to category

Add Questions to Category

Create questions with various formats to set up a category. Provide all relevant information about the question, such as the marks, the answers, and so on.

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Question Bank

Create an unlimited no. of questions with customized options with multi-option

question bank
create questions

Create Questions

Set up a category by asking questions in various formats. Include all pertinent information about the question, such as marks, answers, and so on.

categorise questions

Categorise Questions

Divide question paper into multiple sections with various different type of question types

multiple question formats

Multiple Question Formats

Create questions in a variety of formats, such as multiple choice, audio recording, video recording, brief text, file upload, and others.

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Video Interview

Create unlimited questions and organise them in a questions library with categories.

video interview
asynchronous interview

Asynchronous interview

Create questions for candidates and allow them to record and submit their replies in video format, which will be saved in the video interview database.

ats integration

ATS integration

Without changing platforms, review candidate skills, schedule video interviews, and leave feedback.

hiring team sync

Hiring team sync

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Test Evaluation

Set the parameters and get instant grades with an Intelligent scoring system

test evaluation
multiple question formats

Multiple Question Formats

A score can be based on a combination of predefined answers to questions.

assign scores

Assign Scores

You can add multiple choice, general or yes/no questions, simple text, numerical etc.

instant test results

Instant Test Results

percentages, averages, grade-level norms, specific performance requirements and raw scores can be used in scoring the test performance

session recording

Session Recording

NinjaInterview helps to save time, money and effort, and increases efficiency in the process

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Applicant Tracking

Track and manage all your candidates using a centralized system

applicant tracking
add candidate details

Add Candidate Details

Get the most accurate information about your candidates performance in tests with our performance assessment solution.

candidate timeline

Candidate Timeline

Capture candidate information such as name, email, phone number, CV, DOB etc with this easy-to-use tool.

candidate information

Candidate Information

Real-time notifications on your mobile device allow you to stay updated and get the messages promptly so that you can avoid delays in communication.

candidate performance

Candidate Performance

Get a secure, online environment for your exams with live proctoring and instant exam results.

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