Selecting the best candidate has always been one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. With online interview tools, however, the process has become easier. Our article reveals the top 5 online interview tools to help you hire the best candidate. We also provide a great guide to help you choose the best one for your company.

What Are the 5 Best Online Interview Tools?

Here are our top 5 online interviewing tools:

Five Best online interview tools


Trusted by thousands of clients worldwide, NinjaInterview is a top-tier interview tool. NinjaInterview helps recruiters screen candidates and makes shortlists based on performance. It also allows candidates to upload resumés, experience, and other data. Its simple, intuitive dashboard displays all the data about each candidate, including test scores, experience, and resumés. NinjaInterview allows recruiters to create assessments for an unlimited number of roles. Its automatic grading software enables recruiters to swiftly assess potential employees with little overhead. Starting at only $14.99 a month, NinjaInterview also comes with access to 36 other apps in the 500apps suite.


VidCruiter is a dedicated video interviewing platform that forms a part of the VidCruiter Recruitment Suite. It was designed specifically for video interviews and is one of the top choices by recruiters. VidCruiter offers pre-recorded video formats, allowing recruiters to avoid clashing schedules and review applications on-demand. It also comes with an advanced live video platform with additional features for a seamless interview.


MyInterview is a candidate-centric platform with plenty of tools to support interview candidates. It is functional across any device, offering a great deal of flexibility. MyInterview also allows companies to brand the interview process and represent the company’s philosophy. It starts with a Free Forever plan, but standard pricing starts at $24/month for each candidate.


Popular as an all-in-one video interviewing platform, Zoom offers excellent functionality for live video interviews. It also provides fantastic features such as a chatbox, breakout rooms, and screen sharing. Zoom Meetings has a free plan that allows for up to 100 participants, making it easy to conduct interviews with several participants. Zoom Premium starts at $149.9/year.


User-friendly and straightforward, Hireflex makes the hiring process easier for interviewers and candidates. It works worldwide on all browsers and does not require users to download apps or provide log-in details. Hireflex takes one-way interviews to the next level, allowing for an unlimited number of questions and customization of answer times. Offering multiple integrations, Hireflex starts at $75/user/month after a 30-day free trial period.

How Do Online Interview Tools Work?

Online interview tools work through dedicated applications or websites that allow recruiters to ask questions and receive answers. They may be one-way or asynchronous interviews, or two-way sessions. In one-way interviews, recruiters create pre-recorded or written questions, and candidates record and send their responses. Two-way or live interviews simulate generic human conversation and help narrow down top hires.

What Are the Benefits of Using Online Interview Tools?

Why should you use online interview tools? Here are some reasons:

Saves Time

Physical interviews typically take weeks to organize and execute. You can cut down on this lag time and hire new workers more efficiently with online interviews.

Cuts Hiring Costs

Video interviews reduce costs both for interviewers and candidates. They've been shown to significantly reduce cost-per-hire, saving recruiters more funds. They also reduce costs on the part of candidates, as they won't have to transport themselves.

Excellent for a Remote Workforce

With technology making traditional workplaces less of a necessity, companies now have an increasingly remote workforce. Since employers may not get to meet some of the candidates in person, video interviewing is vital to grasp candidates' personalities before hiring talent.

Excellent Candidate Experience

Video interview platform helps you to leave a positive impression on potential employees. This helps candidates see your company positively and identify with your company's purpose. This is particularly helpful for attracting top talent.

Online interview tool

How to Choose the Best Online Interview Tool for Your Organization

Here are some tips for selecting a great interview tool:

Choose a Tool That Best Meets Your Needs

The best online interview tool for your business would be one that meets your business needs and suits its peculiarities. Work with teammates to determine the priorities, and make your choices based on these parameters.

Use Something Simple

While choosing a software solution, it's essential to consider the users – recruiting staff and candidates. Extremely intricate platforms can complicate the hiring process. To avoid this, ensure that your eventual choice is easy to navigate and work with.

Go for Quality

Your interview platform is usually the first direct contact candidates have with your company. You'd want the impression to be positive to attract the best candidates to work for you. A positive first impression reflects well on the company's values and culture.


Choosing the best interview tool involves carefully considering your company's needs and culture. In choosing one, ensure to explore your options thoroughly. With a fantastic online interview tool, you're assured of finding suitable candidates for your company.

What Makes the Best Interview Assesment Tool?
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