Video interviews are here to stay, with thousands of employers worldwide preferring virtual interview to physical ones. They are known to increase the speed of the interview process and improve the ease of the hiring process. This article explains how interview software can help you save time on interviews. We also give crucial tips for using video interviewing software effectively.

The Time-saving Benefits of Video Interviewing Software

Here Are Some Instances of How Video Interviewing Software Can Save You Time:

Time-saving benefits of video interviewing

Simplified logistics

Physical interviews require more planning and logistics. For example, if you intend to interview a large volume of candidates, you’d need to arrange for each candidate properly. Arrangements may include transportation, lodging, and other costs. Online interview eliminate this stress, allowing your team to focus on finding the best candidates. You’d still have to arrange your tech and set-up, but this process can be done once for hundreds of applicants.

Reduced Travel Time

Video interviewing software saves time for both parties. Traveling to interview venues can be time-consuming for candidates. It also comes with a greater risk of missing appointments when compared with online interviews. Online interviews remove these difficulties and allow candidates to save valuable time.

Minimized Scheduling Conflicts

One factor that prolongs physical interviews is scheduling issues. Physical venues have the common problem of limited space, so interviewers may need to schedule the interview over a series of days. This ends up increasing the amount of time taken for the interview. With online interviews, especially the one-way format, you can record questions once and spend the rest of the time reviewing answers. The issue of creating a suitable schedule also arises with top talent, often prolonging recruitment. Online interviews offer the flexibility of employing more unconventional interview schedules.

Automated Processes

Online interviews eliminate paper documents in favor of digitally-optimized processes. Many online interview platforms have grading and scoring systems for ranking candidates. This way, recruiters can quickly determine the best talent from a pool of candidates. Everyone is automatically updated on decisions, and the process can occur quicker.

Easily-accessible Records

Online interview software records details of top performers that recruiters can return to when they need new talent. Videos, assessments, responses, and other details are stored in a cloud-based system, where they can be retrieved long after.

Screening process with video interviewing

How to Automate the Screening Process With Video Interviewing Software

If you have to interview many candidates, automation is the way to go. Here’s how you can do this:

Implement a Pre-screening Process

You can save time during the initial interview process by pre-screening candidates. Select and send a series of questions to candidates, and set a time aside to review responses. This helps you to compare and contrast candidates easily.

Use Scheduling Software

Rather than getting bogged with scheduling each candidate’s interview, you can simplify the process by using dedicated scheduling software. This software allows candidates to choose their preferred screening time from available slots.

Set up Hiring Workflows

A great way to simplify and automate the process is by having a well-designed hiring workflow. This keeps everyone on track, helping your team members stay productive. Also, good workflows simplify decision-making by giving recruiters a set of yardsticks to determine competence

Implement a Candidate Relationship Management System

Candidate Relationship Management systems integrate with other tools to help you access all your candidates’ information in one place. This helps to streamline the whole process and gives recruiters a holistic overview of the recruitment at all times.

Benefits of Using Video Interviewing Software

Video interview software comes with tons of benefits, making them the choice format for up to 63% of employers. Here are a few of the reasons why they're an excellent pick:

- More cost-effective

- Reduce time spent on hiring staff

- Minimize bias and promotes fair assessments

- Help HR hire top talent easily

- Help recruiters access a wider talent pool

- Streamline the interview process

- Improve tracking of candidate performance

- Make candidates more comfortable

Video interviewing software effectively

Tips for Using Video Interviewing Software Effectively

Here Are a Few Recommendations to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Video Interviewing Software:

Familiarize Your Team With the Software

To avoid hitches during the interview, ensure everyone has a handle on the software of choice. A good idea is to have a pre-interview session, where everyone gets a hands-on learning experience.

Automate Pre-interview Reminders

It’s often easier to forget about appointments when people are not traveling to a physical location. Reduce the likelihood of this happening by sending pre-interview reminders at intervals.

Test Your Technology

To have a smooth interview process, your technology has to work seamlessly. Ensure all equipment such as microphones, cameras, and Wi-Fi are working perfectly by testing them ahead of the interview.

Have a Structured Interview Process

Although video interviewing is designed to help you create a great interview, it won’t mask a poorly-conducted one. Therefore, to maximize the experience, have a structured plan from start to finish.

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