To get the very best out of their workers, organizations need to be able to select and hire top talent. Interviews are crucial steps to determine employees with the potential to contribute to the company's success. However, they can be stressful, complex, and time-consuming. An excellent way of reducing the stress of conducting these interviews is by having them online.

This article gives some insight into how you can use the right video interview apps to streamline the interview process. We also provide some ideas for getting started with video interviews at your organization.

What is Video Interviewing?

A video interview is a job interview held by using video as the intervening medium. Video interviewing is the process of having interviews by utilizing video as the means of communication. It is an innovative means of getting to know potential employees on a more personal level with reduced stress, costs, and logistics concerns.

Video interviews are particularly helpful for remote projects, where the interviewer and the candidate might be several states away from each other. Video interviews are also great for on-site jobs, especially if the candidates cannot make it to the location. They are fast gaining popularity nowadays, with 60% of HR managers saying that they use or have used video interviewing in the hiring process.

What is video interviewing

How does Video Interviewing Work?

Video interviews hold over interviewing software, which has various features to facilitate the interview process. Most of this software is cloud-based. Therefore, the interviewer and interviewee(s) need to log in before getting started. They can then communicate via a video chat function, which may be live. There are two methods of holding video interviews common today:

One-way video interviews

Asynchronous or one-way video interviews allow potential employees to respond at their convenient time. Here, recruiters use the software to create a questionnaire or record their questions. They then send the link to the candidates, who log in and respond via video format. The software records the answers for recruiters, who can now make their assessments.

Two-way video interviews

Also known as live interviews, two-way interviews simulate normal human conversation by allowing recruiters and candidates to talk to each other in real-time. This gives interviewers a good idea of the personality of potential employees. They are also more natural, giving room for follow-up questions that reveal candidates' skills and traits better.

Benefits of using Video Interviewing in Your Organization

Here are some reasons to consider using video interviews in your organization:

Reduces the time spent on hiring

Conventional interview processes have been known to be highly time-consuming. With video interviews, the overall time spent on organizing interviews drops significantly, often by several days. For example, instead of spending several hours with candidates who may not meet standards, you can record a questionnaire and send it to the candidates. Your team can review this later.

Helps companies find top talent from remote places

With the rapid growth of technology, many jobs can now be done remotely. Video interview software ensures that you don't have to limit yourself to candidates within your area. You can interview candidates from distant places, helping you create a fantastic team with top talent.

Eliminates the stress of transportation

A common gripe among interview candidates is the stress of traveling far distances for interviews whose success they're not sure of. However, employers are more confident in hiring candidates whom they have interacted with on a more personal level. Video interviews address the concerns of both sides. They eliminate the stress on candidates by saving travel costs, while ensuring that interviewers get quality face-to-face conversations critical for making good hiring decisions.

How to Get Started with Video Interviewing

How to get started with video interviewing

Follow these steps to get started with video interviewing in your organization:

Create a formal process

This is especially important if you're just starting out. But even if you've conducted a few before, a good plan remains essential for a seamless interview. Involve every stakeholder and interviewer in the process – get their input and suggestions. Anticipate changes you might need to make in adjusting from in-person to online interviews. Also, determine how your team will react if something goes wrong during the interview. No detail is too small!

Choose your interview software

There are several kinds of video interview software available, and not all will be suitable for your team. Explore your options and choose one that best meets your needs. Ensure that the software you choose is easy to navigate.

Install and test equipment

This is essential for a smooth and seamless interview. Install and test all important equipment such as microphones, speakers, and Wi-Fi with your team beforehand so that they get a good handle on them. A good idea might be to hold a dummy interview a few days before so that everyone understands the process.

Set up an excellent interviewing space

An interview is a formal meeting. Create and maintain that formality by interviewing in a well-lit, professional setting.

Inform candidates on time

It's crucial to inform candidates about the interview as soon as possible. This gives them time to get familiar with the interview tool and ask questions if needed. Additionally, it helps prevent or minimize the possibility of clashing schedules.

Be punctual

Show a good example as an interviewer by turning up on time. This shows the candidates that you respect their time and attention. Also, it is especially attractive to top talent.


Video interviews save recruiters time and money while acquiring top talent for their company. If you're looking to improve the recruitment process at your organization, they're certainly a great idea.

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