Position Management

to create multiple positions synchronously

Create and post an unlimited number of positions for customized recruiting. The more responsibilities you include in a job posting, the better you can find the right candidate.

Position Management

Add Unlimited Number of Positions to Manage Assessments

Choose suitable candidates by providing various types of assessments depending on job positions.

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add unlimited job posts

Add Unlimited Job Posts

Improve the organizations' ability to better comprehend potential applicants' skills and abilities by adding a new position to interview assessments. In addition to generating a comprehensive report, the evaluation is quick and easy to administer.

assign members

Assign Members

Manage to assign members based on test categories and create questions, add categories, and assessments as per the experience of candidates. The evaluation is quick and easy to conduct, and it produces a complete report that can help organizations make better hiring decisions.

categorize by tags

Categorize by Tags

Create tags and monitor the progress of each candidate with the simple-to-use interface. Additionally, TagTeam's clear and concise reports allow organizations to compare candidates and make the best possible decision for their business.

What is Position Management?

An unlimited number of positions in a job posting can help to enhance candidate interest. You can increase the accessibility of your organization and attract recruits. Additionally, it provides for a more personalized recruitment process.

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