Interview Tool

Improve and expedite the online interviewing process.

Using this interview tool, you can simplify your recruiting process and save essential time by creating continuous assessments and video interviews. This tool is beneficial for many organizations.

Interview Tool

Determine the Right Candidate by Using the Interview Tool

Interview tool help recruiters focus on the best candidates and simply the hiring process.

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pre employment assessment tests

Pre Employment Assessment Tests

Streamline recruiting by eliminating repetitive phone screenings and evaluating applicants on job-relevant skills. To create a job-specific assessment, use this interview tool. It integrates the interview and assessment procedures.

asynchronous video interviews

Asynchronous Video Interviews

Utilize an interview tool that enables candidates to respond to video interviews. They can conduct one-way interviews via a variety of channels. Applicants can take their time and re-record their responses if their first attempt does not sound correct.

numerous question forms

Numerous Question Forms

To define the questions, organize the categories. Include any relevant information such as grades and answers. Explore several types of questions in your assessments, such as file submissions, audio and video recordings, and text questions.

What is Interview Tool?

An interview tool can be used to quickly evaluate if a candidate is a good fit for a particular position. These interviews are used to assess the applicant's communication and personality abilities. Assessments and videos are included in this interview tool, which can be accessed. It's a more practical approach to interviewing than the traditional method.

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