What is an Interview Assessment Tool?

Interview assessment tool is used to assess a candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities during a technical or structured interview.

Over the years, technology has consistently been reshaping all facets of human interactions. Now, businesses can easily predict how candidates will perform on the job by using interview assessment tools. Talent is no longer enough; this software checks if each candidate deserves employment at the organization.

Initially, organizations carry out aptitude, personality, and cognitive tests before recruiting a candidate into their establishment. These tests are graded by individuals who decide who will be a good fit for the organization. However, human error margins are quantifiable, and sometimes wrong candidates are employed.

An interview assessment tool carries out these tests and runs several objective analyses to decide who would fit the organization.

What is an Interview Assessment Tool?

Interview assessment tool helps organizations to automate the interviewing process. It accesses the candidates' skills, culture fit and compares results across your applicant tool. And it uses the data to make unbiased hiring decisions that work. In general, the interview assessment tool helps you identify the candidate that is likely to perform well on the job by looking at the applicants' competence, emotional intelligence, and work ethic.

Interview Assessment Tool

Benefits of Interview Assessment Tools

Here are some of the benefits of using an interview assessment tool:

1. It saves you enormous time and money

Having an online assessment tool saves your organization huge on time and money. It also offers the most straightforward, effective, and reliable way to identify top talents. The software helps you cut out several candidates that are not a consideration and enables you to focus on the candidates that best fit. Also, the application simultaneously evaluates several candidates at once, saving you the time you would have spent checking them out one by one.

2. Reduces the risk of a bad hire

No matter how good HR is, hiring the wrong candidate is a real risk. The interview tool offers an unbiased way of evaluating candidates; thus, it objectively gets the best candidate.

According to a study, using an interview assessment tool reduces the risk of having a bad hire by 60%. Hence, you do not have to spend lots of hours interviewing candidates and end up with a bad hire.

3. No more legal risks of hiring

With interview assessment tools, all is fair in recruitment and interviews. However, even the best recruiters are human and might have personal biases and opinions that hinder recruitment.

 No more legal risks of hiring

Not only do you get the best with the online software, but you also save yourself from the risk of being sued for interview discrimination. The software is unbiased and objective so that no dissatisfied applicant can fight you back.

Features To Look For in Interview Assessment Tools

Every interview assessment tool claims to be the best in the market. However, as a business owner or organizational lead, the onus is on you to decide the best based on some key features. Features you should look out for are:

1. Robust question library

This is an essential criterion of an interview assessment tool. Since the software will be asking the questions, it is only expected that its library of questions must be comprehensive. Furthermore, since industry varies, you need to make sure the interview questions are optimized and tailored to suit your needs

2. Generates report and analysis immediately

Since human errors are eliminated, and manual analysis and reports have been removed, it is only expected that the software should be able to generate reports and analysis immediately. Instant results enable recruiters to make the hiring decision faster than a manual interview.

Interview Assessment Tool

Furthermore, in cases of high competition for the best minds, instant reports can allow recruiters to tie up the best candidates as soon as possible. So, organizations do not lose their supposed candidates to their competitions.

3. Anti-cheating feature

Another feature that must set aside the interview assessment system is its anti-cheating feature. You should be able to conduct interviews with the tools without the need for invigilation. Furthermore, it should have auto-proctoring features. Finally, the software should possess a webcam, and it should prohibit navigating away from the test window, block the copy-paste, print-screen controls.

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