to send multiple applicants emails

Enable managers to design candidate-specific email's. It provides various helpful features for customizing emails. Automation of email saves time and assures consistency of email addresses.


Facilitate Managers to Create Candidate-specific Email Templates

Organizations can send pre-defined email templates to prospective candidates and monitor their responses, saving time and money.

emails leave note
dynamic data insertion

Dynamic Data Insertion

Using adaptable and extendable applications, the information management throughout the interview process is easier and faster.

send email alerts

Send Email Alerts

Utilize the interview assessment tool to assist with and manage candidate interviews. An email notification can be sent to each candidate at each step of the interview process and can assign a unique identity to each one.

no code template builder

No Code Template Builder

Generate no code multiple email templates that enable you to quickly analyze applicants and decide their eligibility for the position based on their work abilities.

email automation

Email Automation

Generate and send targeted messages to specific candidates at set intervals using email automation. You can send automatic emails using an automation tool. This tool sends out automated feedback requests to users.

What is Email's?

Enhance the interview assessment tool by including various customized email templates for applicants. Users will receive emails, access them quickly when needed, and send them directly via the device.

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