Smart Virtual Video Interview

  • Reduce your hiring time by more than 50% with virtual one-way video interviews

  • Automated assessment grading and candidate shortlisting to speed up the screening and hiring process

  • Built-in Coding Assessments - Python, Java, Javascript, .NET, and 60 other languages

  • Unlimited responses and projects to gather multiple applicant profiles and assess them for different job requirements

  • Integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or built-in RecruitHire




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Why Choose NinjaInterview for Smart Virtual Video Interview?

Optimize your interview process and save time for your organizations by using an interview assessment tool


Unlimited Video and Coding Assessments

Create unlimited video and coding assessments to test the skill set of each candidate in the most effective way. Test the expertise and the behavior of the candidate in one go.

Limitless Responses - Hire at Scale

Create any number of assessments and share them with the public with an accessible URL. Receive unlimited assessment responses in return and shortlist the best profiles quicker.

Auto Evaluation

Let the reliable automation evaluate the assessments faster to speed up the hiring process. Allow the tool to grade candidates' responses based on the most relevant conditions criteria.

interview assessment tool

Powerful Features

Limitless Possibilities. What will you do for your business?

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Simplify Candidate Hiring with Smart Virtual Video Interview

Assess candidates' skills, qualifications and determine the correct fit for your organization

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    Easy Candidate Evaluation

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