Conducting in-person interviews is getting more and more challenging for recruiters. Things can be manageable if the organization is small and there are not many candidates to interview. However, if you are in the recruitment team of a multinational company with thousands of people applying for a job position, things can get strenuous. Interviewing many candidates takes time and effort and costs a lot of money. However, with the help of interview software, things can get more straightforward and cheaper simultaneously.

What Are Video Interviews, and Why Are They Important??

A video assessment tool or a video interview tool is a recruitment tool that has become an integral part of the entire hiring process in several organizations. It allows recruiters to interview job applicants remotely via video chat or virtual interview. As a result, it is becoming one of the fastest-growing methods for assessing possible candidates across several industries.

Most of you may wonder about the importance of using an online interview tool to assess potential employees. These tools provide cost-effectiveness and flexibility to recruiters. The hiring department of an organization can schedule interviews at their convenience. Since interviews are held virtually, there is no need to travel to far-off places to conduct in-person interviews. It also saves the cost of booking an interview location and organizing snacks for candidates.

5 Ideal Features Your Video Interview Software Should Have

Although the essential functionality of video interviewing tools is similar, some developers provide additional features to smoothen the interview process and make it more manageable. Here are five essential elements you need to look for in high-quality video interview software.

1. Variable Questions

Some candidates perform their best when they read questions, while others excel when they hear them. Several top-quality video interview software provides pre-determined questions in various forms, including text, video, or audio. This is an essential attribute to look for in a video interview tool if you want to provide multiple question forms.

2. Candidate Management

If there are many candidates to interview, then managing so many people at the same time may seem impossible. Thankfully, there are several video interview software that provides candidate management feature. This feature helps you effectively and efficiently manage a large group of candidates. You can develop a candidate database and circulate it to different recruiting managers. With the assistance of a single click of your mouse button, you can capture detailed information during online interviews. It also allows the applicants to receive their feedback on time.

3. Customized Tests

There may be different types of job vacancies in your company. Therefore, providing the same questions to candidates applying for various jobs makes no sense. Instead, with the help of customized tests, you can customize the questions per the individual job descriptions. This helps you save plenty of time while screening candidates. In addition, you can directly import your candidate's resume into the assessment.

Features Your Video Interview Software Should Have

4. ATS Integration

Another crucial feature to look for in a video interview tool is ATS integration. This is one feature that users often overlook when they choose such software. For example, organizations can improve their hiring process by integrating video interviewing sessions and applicant tracking system. This is possible by handling different job activities simultaneously, such as screenings, communication with the candidates, job postings, etc.

The ATS integration feature will also enable recruiters to monitor their candidate profiles. This will eliminate any possibility of overlooking any critical factor in a job applicant. It is often seen that the HR department of an organization fails to choose the right talents efficiently due to their inability to keep track of every minute detail while screening a bag full of job applications.

5. Scheduling

The scheduling feature of video interview software is critical since it forms the backbone of the entire recruitment process. As a result, HR managers may sometimes dedicate long hours to screening resumes and conducting job interviews. This is especially true when dealing with many job applications or challenging candidate schedules.

During times of conflict, a bad quality hiring process may arise. As a result, the recruiters may waste more time trying to fix the problem. With the help of the scheduling feature, the hiring team can quickly get the right candidate to sit for an interview.

NinjaInterview – Recruitment Software for Every Organization

Are you looking for recruitment software that provides you with the above features and more? In that case, NinjaInterview is the software to choose for your hiring process. It comes with unlimited coding and video assessments and allows auto evaluation to evaluate your candidates faster and quicken the overall hiring process.

NinjaInterview video interview software is designed to help you optimize your entire interview process and save your organization time and money. You can reduce your recruitment time by more than 50% with the help of this software. Some of the additional features of NinjaInterview are:

  • Coding assessments
  • Automatic grading
  • Unlimited questions
  • Session recording
  • Picture capture
  • Real-time grading
  • Candidate comparison


When choosing suitable video interview software, there are plenty of factors to consider. This is why it is imperative to list all the requirements to narrow your options. It will also help you concentrate on your desired features while comparing two or more similar software. NinjaCapture is made with the sole purpose of helping your organization streamline its recruitment process. With tons of powerful software features, hiring fresh talent for your company will seem like a breeze for your recruitment team. NinjaInterview is developed by 500apps, the creator of 39 similar software and tools that can help organize different aspects of running your daily business. In addition, 500apps provides 24/5 customer support via telephone, email, and chat to take care of any concerns.

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